The best software for rendering

August 18, 2018
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August 18, 2018 irender

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The best software for rendering

3D rendering is the final stage of the 3D animation process. 3D rendering has become an essential aspect of architectural visualization, special effects, and animation. There are today a large number of different programs available. Architectural rendering is a kind of art that can turn your 3D models into photorealistic images and really bring your designs to life. In order to do that, you need architectural rendering software, but there are so many different solutions out there that it can be challenging to choose the right one for your needs, not to mention your budget.  If you are searching for the perfect 3D modeling software, here is a list of top solutions for you to consider.


V-Ray is the king of 3D rendering programs in the market today. It is considered to be one of the best 3D rendering software on the market since it boasts high speed and high quality. V-ray is developed by Chaos Group, a Bulgarian company. It is not only popular in architecture, but also in film and games production, entertainment, industrial design, and media industries.

Vray is the most powerful 3D rendering solution on the market right now and it is suitable for both newbies and professionals. Beginners might find it a bit intimidating at first, but this piece of software is very user-friendly, so mastering it is not actually so difficult. This amazing software is made to help the users to recreate the reality of shadows, lights, and colors. V-Ray is an amazing tool that offers some multiple levels of different options and a lot of versatility. And this is the reason why newcomers don’t find it very difficult to use this software and once they have got into it, they lost within it.

So Vray is not cheap with that features. But you can also take the software for a free 30-day test drive to see how it fits your needs before you make a purchase.


Maxwell is a famous for rendering program among architects. t has been on the market for a long time and has a huge community using it. Almost architects would know of this software. With a simple user interface and a plenty of features and tools, Maxwell could be just the thing you need to create beautiful photorealistic images and animations. Maxwell includes ready-to-use lighting accessories such as projectors, fill lights, IES, negative fills, and spots. You can quickly and easily learn to use it.

Besides, Maxwell also has a user community that is very helpful and resourceful, so you can easily get the right help you need in case you run into some problems with the software. The only drawback to this software solution is that it is a bit slow at rendering. However Maxwell is considered a powerful tool for architects who need realistic results without learning the technicalities of more complex 3D software.


Lumion is one of among very powerful architectural rendering software in the market today. Compatibility with most 3D renderers is arguably the greatest strength of Lumion 3D. The smart user interface of Lumion 3D is designed to simplify everything, which is why architects usually render in-house.  Lumion is the best about walkthrough abilities and animation integration. Furthermore, it works in real-time, making it a perfect tool for developing the feel and appearance of an architectural product.

Lumion offers students a free license. But if you’re a professional, the license is $1820 for the basic version and $2420 for the Pro version. But it’s not as expensive as some of the other options.



Blender is so populal because it is complete free. This open-source piece of software is entirely free of charge, but don’t let that cloud your judgement. Quite the contrary – Blender is one of the best and most capable 3D rendering software you can work with and it has a huge number of features and tools that can easily bring all your designs to life.  This is an open-source platform where a user can use its tools and features right from the internet. Because of its open-source platform and countless tools and features, this visualization software is damn good at representing the lighting of a rendering. It can give you a close to near realistic look to your rendering image.



Corona Renderer is not as popular as the other names on this list, because it is a relatively new software addition to the architectural rendering industry. Although Corona lacks some features, such as velocity render, it is one of the fastest rendering software solutions currently available.

It allows deep integration with 3DS Max, giving you the full freedom to employ complex 3D models without having to worry about compatibility and complexity concerns. Corona Renderer creates very clean animations and fantastic light effects and software updates and patches are provided by the development team on a regular basis, so you would never have to worry about any potential vulnerabilities or hiccups. It have Affordable price tag with one-time purchase.Corona with great support from development team with regular updates and patches.The above selection of 3D rendering programs may not cover everything that’s available. But it presents the most popular solutions used today by designers, artists, and architects.Depending on your projects, you may need different tools. If you ever want to switch from your current rendering software, one of the aforementioned programs will do great.


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